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Dear Photograph, This picture of my grandparents was taken from our old dock at the cottage they bought in 1949. We enjoyed over 60 years of summers together at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. They have both passed since then, but I wanted to get one last picture of them before we had to put the cottage up for sale yesterday. How lucky I am, to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard? - Patrick

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Dear Photograph,
I wish we would have known this was our last four generations photo. She had a stroke the very next day. I would give anything to talk to you again, Grandma. I miss her more than I can express. -Sarah

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Dear Photograph,
30 years ago my parents took the trip of a lifetime with their two best friends. As I look at their faces in this picture, I can imagine the wonderful times that they shared together. This summer I had the chance to stand in that very same spot with my own best friends and I could feel my parents there with me.

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My dad recently passed away, but his enthusiasm and love of life will always be a part of me.

Thanks, Mom & Dad, for passing along to me your joyous spirit and for always showing me how to treasure the special friends and family in my life.

EBARRITO EBARRITO Handbag Black Black EBARRITO EBARRITO Handbag Black Handbag EBARRITO Black Handbag I love you both,


Dear Photograph,
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Summer goes by too quickly as usual and as the snow starts to fall, I am reminded of the memories of idle summer days that I spent with Kelly, my baby. Time flies, soon the winter will make way for spring and summer will be here again. - Yudha

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Dear Photograph,
50 years ago you not only caught the magical toss of a young bride’s bouquet, but also a certain gleam in a new groom’s eyes. 50 years later the petals of that bouquet may have long since turned to dust, but all the hopes and dreams they represented have been lovingly and happily fulfilled. Thank you for capturing the exuberance of my parents’ devotion to one another–a promise for us all that true love does exist.  With happiest Golden Anniversary wishes to my Mom and Dad, - Billee
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Dear Photograph,
I am not sure there are words that can describe the true love and commitment that our family shares. We are held together by an unbreakable bond that grows stronger every day. The memories shared at this childhood home of 20+ years will never fade away. I am always reminded of many cherished times spent at 301 West Central Avenue. We loved that porch swing and all the great times we spent together. Now we swing on a new porch, closer than ever before. I love you all so much! - Steph

Dear Photograph,
Oh, the simple times of being young. To not worry about getting my hair wet or being able to bend over not knowing what agony I might face when I stand back up. These were times before my first love, my first heartbreak, my tumultuous youth; before I ever dreamed of being a mother, going to college, and just surviving life. I had no idea what my life story would be. I was just a little girl playing in a sprinkler. - Erika

Dear Photograph,
In 1981 I drove to the beach for sunrise. Of course, I was alone, I was always alone.  Body issues, self-consciousness and a hard time making friends always gave me plenty of time to daydream. That day I wanted to see myself as the sun did when it rose.  I brought a mirror to the beach so I could photograph myself. 31 years later the photo is proof that I was stronger than them all. Validated and accepted by the one friend who would always be there…the sun.
- Tony

Dear Photograph,
Thank you for giving me a glimpse into my dad’s childhood from the 1960′s. I only wish the woman in the picture could have met her great-grandchild. My grandmother passed away a month before I gave birth to my daughter. We were visiting, looking through old photographs after her funeral and found this. It made my heart melt. - Casie

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Dear Photograph, We will never know for sure whether our mothers staged this or not, but really, after 15 years of not knowing, do we want to find out now? 
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